“Bricks-and-mortar retailers enjoy advantages that are hard for online retailers to overcome. No description of cashmere can match the sensation of actually feeling it, and the inspiration people gain by shopping in physical stores cannot be ignored. “According to Millward Brown, these findings have implications for both brands and retailers. See the article about top… Read More

As one of the earliest practitioners of one-to-one marketing (as a consultant for Don Peppers and Martha Rogers) I’ve been able to observe the good, bad and ugly about loyalty programs for nearly a generation. While there’s been incremental shifts away from bad & ugly, most companies still haven’t even come close to good. Yes,… Read More

As we manage through one of the most challenging U.S. economic downturns, American consumers have made significant shifts in what they buy and watch. At the same time, consumer packaged goods (CPG) retailers and manufacturers have seized the moment to drive – rather than ride — the recession wave through innovation.  How is this innovation… Read More

With 500 million members and growing, Facebook offers brands and marketers direct contact to the largest pool of online users on the web. After all, social media is fast becoming more popular than e-mail on mobile devices and more convenient for news consumption than the daily paper. In recent weeks and months, Facebook has introduced… Read More