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ClearData Research


ClearData Research is a consulting organization dedicated to providing world-class research for companies seeking to understand how to maximize customer satisfaction and employee performance by measuring the perceptions and experiences of customers and employees. This research allows clients to understand the systematic linkages that exist between these groups.


Founded in 2003, ClearData provides innovative research solutions to clients that require uncompromising research intelligence.  Before ClearData, the founders worked with some of the world’s most outstanding companies such as 3M, Chase Manhattan Bank, Ford Motor Companies, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Center for Creative Leadership, Safeway and the Emerson Electric family of companies.


ClearData has developed a proprietary suite of opinion measurement tools called OpinionScope.  These tools provide you with insight into your organization and your customers’ experiences resulting in knowledge designed to transform your company into a customer focused industry leader.  We are committed to understanding your business requirements and developing innovative solutions to meet your research objectives.  We have developed a series of fundamental philosophies designed to meet client needs.


Philosophy of Technical Innovation


We have engineered innovative research solutions designed to provide you with maximum value when you purchase our research products. This innovation is performance tested by the most rigorous standards available.


Build a Long-Term Partnership


We believe that a relationship with ClearData is more than a business arrangement; it is a partnership and a collaborative problem-solving consortium.  We consider ClearData to be as much a part of your organization as your full-time employees.  We bring all of the firepower of our OpinionScope systems without the cost of hiring a full-time staff.  A research partnership with ClearData makes great business sense.


Empower Employees


We believe that outstanding research is the result of well-designed systems operated by well-trained and highly experienced analysts, consultants and project managers.  To this end, we have developed a comprehensive tool kit of project management systems and project delivery modules to make sure that your study is completed with the highest standards for accuracy, clarity and quality.


Corporate Philosophy of Excellence


ClearData attracts and retains the industry’s top producers encouraging personal and professional excellence among employees, consultants and associates.  This environment is based on a code of ethics and research standards that meet or exceed the standards of the industry’s finest performers.  ClearData understands that research programs are highly visible and the results are key elements in strategic planning to determine the nature, scope and tone of marketing strategy and organizational development.


We make sure that your project is well-executed every time with careful planning, proactive analysts, consultants and project managers.  With ClearData Research careful execution and excellent support are only the beginning: You can rest assured that the successful attainment of your research objectives will be the single-minded focus of each and every employee. We are committed to making every research program an unqualified success.

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