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The Scientist and the Telescope


In the early 17th century scientists were looking at the night sky woefully unaware of the limitations of their understanding of the cosmic big picture.  They peered into the darkness and thought they could see it all.  Then Lippershey and Galileo gave the world the telescope; a quantum leap from the cloudiness of the naked eye.  The “looker,” as it was called, provided one of the greatest technological advances known to mankind. 


For ages since, scientists have used the telescope to see the subtle details that can’t be observed by the naked eye.  The “looker” is the inspiration for OpinionScope and the foundation of the vision for ClearData Research.  When you look at your company’s performance, do you ever wonder if you are seeing the whole picture?  We can make sure that you do.  OpinionScope is a telescope for your managers, and we make them the equivalent of management sharp shooters by putting the cross hairs on your company’s most critical performance areas:



Over 60 customized measures of organizational performance.


The Key Drivers of “likelihood to recommend,” “price for value,” “loyalty,” “motivation to purchase,” “overall satisfaction,” and many others.


Your position as the clear-value leader in your local, regional, national and international markets.


Developing channel synergy between your marketing channels.


The interaction between employee performance and customer satisfaction.



As the telescope changed mankind’s understanding of the universe, OpinionScope is designed to give you the high-powered zoom lens that your company needs to focus on the life and death details in your company; the details you simply can’t see now.


But we understand that true customer insight is more than just having a good “looker” to view your company from the customer perspective.  That’s why we designed an entire suite of premium research products to take OpinionScope’s functionality to an enterprise-level customer visibility and employee performance management solution.  ClearData’s expertise and the firepower of OpinionScope will change the way you do business.


We may be able to help you achieve the quantum leap in your organization that Lippershey and Galileo provided the world.  If not a quantum leap, we guarantee transforming customer visibility and organizational performance measures that will significantly improve your business.  Are you ready to revolutionize the customer experience in your organization?


We can help you get there.

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