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Retail Customer Satisfaction


In all of your retail stores, no matter how hard you work to stay focused on your customers, many are walking out the door without buying, wondering what your competitors have, wondering what’s online, feeling ignored and spending their money elsewhere.  If you’re measuring customer satisfaction every day then you know what we mean.


ClearData’s retail customer satisfaction programs will transform your organization in ways you’ve never dreamed.  We’ll bring crystal clear customer focus to your retail organization while measuring the customer experience in each of your stores every day.  All of your managers will be able to access a real-time online report that tells them exactly what’s happening.  Email alerts and custom Trend Reports can be sent to each manager to keep them on top of every customer problem.  We’ll help you turn angry customers into your biggest evangelists. 


Are you managing your company from the perspective of your customers?  If you partner with us you’ll find that customer focus brings big changes at your bottom line.  ClearData Research can make it happen. 



Custom Systems Development


ClearData is a custom systems programming organization as well as a consulting firm.  Do you need a Balanced Scorecard, a Performance Dashboard or custom mobile App?  Let us create the perfect custom system as part of your research program or as a separate stand-alone product.  We’ll even provide a way to view your mystery shop data right next to your customer research data.  Our amazing programmers follow an agile development model that delivers rock solid Applications at rock bottom prices.



Employee Performance


Employee performance and customer satisfaction are linked in every organization.  ClearData’s employee research systems show you precisely how your employees’ attitudes impact your bottom line.  Then we show you how to manage your employees for maximum customer satisfaction creating new core operating philosophies in your organization.


The interaction between employee performance and customer satisfaction is a phenomenon that few companies understand, but the clear-value leaders in business are taking advantage of this principle right now.  Understanding and managing the relationships between employees and customers are some of the most powerful ways to create customer loyalty known to man.  How well do you understand these relationships in your organization?



Business-to-Business Customer Satisfaction


ClearData Research gives you customer intelligence that makes your organization sensitive to your customers’ needs.  Our business-to-business customer satisfaction research programs give you a specific roadmap that allows you to make customer feedback actionable.  Customer satisfaction is a preview of company profits and should be considered a preview of the profit and loss statement of your company.  What are the three most important actions you can take to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty?



Research Consulting


ClearData provides a wide-variety of consulting services to address your research needs.  Our programs range from the product offerings mentioned above to focus group research, data analysis and survey content development.  Please contact us to discuss your research objectives.



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