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Creating the Customer-Driven Organization

Customer Driven

ClearData Research is a consulting firm dedicated to

helping you deliver the maximum level of customer satisfaction

your organization is capable of attaining.

Using our OpinionScope suite of research tools, we will empower you with clear, actionable customer insight. As partners, we will transform your business into a customer-centric performer that generates uncommon loyalty and uncommon results.  ClearData Research is a consulting organization dedicated to world-class research for companies seeking to understand how to maximize customer satisfaction and employee performance.


Clear, concise, action-oriented measurement systems: That’s the professional standard set by ClearData Research. Join us in creating service refinements that will propel you to unprecedented levels of performance.

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Monthly Trend Reporting

Are your managers too busy for online reporting?  ClearData provides them with a monthly one-page overview of store performance that takes thirty seconds to review.  They will see twelve critical performance metrics, five key success areas and the five most urgent opportunities for improvement.  All data is shown for this month, last month, last year and compared to the entire organization.

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Email Alerts

Did a customer have a bad experience? ClearData pulls all the open ended comments from the survey and emails it to your management team instantly. Within minutes you’ll be fixing the problem and turning an angry customer into a grateful evangelist

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Custom Applications

Do you know that ClearData is a software development company? We can build for your organization any software you can possibly imagine. And our agile development model helps us build exactly what you need at a very competitive price.

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